Wednesday, March 30, 2011

beam me up

Right, so the title of this post is about as creative as it's going to get.  A picture of a ginormous, (and no that word never gets old) centre beam supporting the upstairs is only so interesting.  Maybe I could up the ante if this picture was coupled with an "oh-my-god-my-house-is-falling-down" story, or an "it's amazing that you all lived here so long and never fell threw," comment.

But nope.  Nothing of the sorts.

Probably fair to say that 1912 building codes aren't up to current standards hence our new beam.  I know right?  I'm bored, (get it board), just writing about it.  Sorry beam, it's not personal, but you do nothing for me.  

But this place does.

I love the contrast between the tile and wood floors against the minimal white walls. Toss in a few eclectic pieces like the wooden ladder and industrial kitchen lights and you have something special.

via simplygrove (via- emmas blogg)

until next time - ABCD

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday - 11:22

He intently watches his brother play.  It's one of his favourite things to do.  If he could watch him all day, I think he would.  When Costello laughs, he follows.  If Costello smiles, he beams from ear to ear.

"Costello, how bout sharing one of your toys with your brother?" I ask.

He stops, looks up, thinks about it, but he's not in the mood.  He's happy aligning his cars and putting them back in his bag.

"You know, Dashen would really like to play."  "How bout just one?"

He reconsiders and reaches into his bag, grabbing his favourite car, the one he's named daddy, and struts over to his brother.  He sets it on Dashen's belly...turning to make sure I've witnessed this generous act in the making, and returns to his treasures.

Dashen studies his moves, watches how he plays with his cars.  Intent on learning.

And I, in turn, study him.  Wondering what he must feel like to be a little brother.  What he thinks about when he watches Costello with ever-loving-ever-wondering eyes.

They don't really look alike right now.  Maybe one day they will.  They need time to grow into their own features with a mix of dad's this and mom's that.  But, when they laugh, they sound exactly the same.  And it's this laugh, two voices in complete unison, which will carry them through life.    

until next time - ABCD

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


WTF.  We all know what this means.  This common acronym allows even the faintness of heart to drop a few random F bombs every once and awhile without feeling like they've offended the entire west coast.

However, just the other day I overheard an argument suggesting that LOL, Mr. Laugh Out Loud himself, is actually short for...lots of love.  Talk about a misunderstanding of gigantic proportions in the making...

"sorry I couldn't be there for your mother's funeral LOL to all of you"


"just heard news of your divorce...LOL your way."

Later that night due to part randomness mixed with equal bits boredom I decided to invest more time looking into alternative meanings for our friend, WTF.  And whoa.  To my disbelief there's a small group of like-minded people who actually thought WTF meant...With The Family.

"off to church...WTF"

So with respect to my naive and uninformed friends...during our six-month renovations we are staying WTF at Brian's parents place.  In their basement.  Which is suppose to house the yet-to-figure-it-all-out indecisive young adult.  Not the married couple with two babies and six months worth of stuff scenario we have going on over here.

Which leaves Brian and I pondering how long it'll take before mom and dad ask themselves..."just WTF were we thinking with this one?" In the meantime, here's the best of the worse demolition pictures.

 until next time - ABCD

Friday, March 11, 2011

friday's objects of desire

These absolutely delightful watercolour ceramics.
via bloesem, day dream in color

This perfect pillow for any nursery from the adorable store of Sarah + Abraham.

Dashen's new sippy cup from our favourite baby site, babybot.

To the stylists of the new Anthology magazine...please come to our home.

Enjoy your weekends everyone, and stay tuned for pics of our home...well what's left of her anyways.  

until next time - ABCD

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Interview with a two year old

"Costello do you know why today is such a special day?"

Costello:  "i doooonknooow..."

"Because today is your birthday."

Costello:  "yeah..."

"And, do you know what that means?"

Costello:  (no answer)

"Well, it means we are going to have a party."

Costello:  "yeah..."

"And all your friends are going to come over,"

Costello:  "yeah..."

"Annick, and Felix, and your cousins..."

Costello interrupting:  "Da?"

"Yup, and your broskies, Dashen."

Costello clapping:  "uh huh..."

"And we are going to have your all favorite breakfast foods, eggs, and bacon, and..."

Costello interrupting:  "cake?"

"Yup, you bet, Mommy's friend is bringing you a yummy cake."

Costello now nodding up and down:  "yeah..."

"And, guess what?  Your cake looks like Old McDonald's barn."

Costello:  "e i e i....o?"

"That's right buddy, e i e i o"

"And, do you know how old you are Costello?"

Costello:  "twoooooo!"

"That's right buddy you're two, and you know what else?  Mommy and daddy love you so so much..."

Costello now playing with his new toys:  "dove you tooo"

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

until next time - ABCD

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

100's the new reno

Our home.  She's a beauty at 100, and has seen more combinations of owners, renters, roommates, tenants, tenants with boyfriends, tenants with cousins, tenants with guests who promise to leave on Sunday, then an ever swinging thirty minute hotel lobby receptionist. For the past two years we've been busting at the seems in our character filled home.  With it's non insulated walls and a kitchen which makes Harry Potter's bedroom feel like trump tower, she has her faults.

But...she's our home.

And good to us she's been.  A home where our children were born.  A home full of memories.  A home with square footage amounts of emotional attachment unmeasurable.

Brian and I have been debating the "should we move" question now for some time.  We'd drive by for sale signs, park in front of the questionable home and ask ourselves if we could live here.  How's the neighbourhood?  Could we picture the boys running around this yard?  Could we live this far from downtown?  And when we'd spot a home of promise we'd often find ourselves disappointed upon entering.  Kitchens were too small, yards were nonexistent, not enough bedrooms, too many bedrooms.

And, after endless hours of house hunting, we realized that the home we were hunting for was ours.

This "ah ha" moment translated into meetings with these guys.  Meetings turned to ideas.  Ideas to blueprints.  Blueprints to dotted lines.  Dotted lines to holy hannah are we doing this?  Holy hannahs to "yup."  And here we are.  Still the proud owners of our beloved home with plans to give this 100 year old gal the makeover she deserves.

And one hell of a mortgage.

until next time - ABCD
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