Wednesday, April 20, 2011

dressed for april - SPRINGTER

Everything here is under $100 except for one item.  Any guesses?

I always find the transitional seasons both the most exciting and challenging to dress for.  There's usually a handful of elements which make these outfits tricky.  The biggie being weather, which typically is as unpredictable as your daily chosen image.  But, when done right, seasonally-confused outfits are fun to wear, full of layers and cleaver ways of mixing coming trends with past season's tried and true.

In Calgary, it's full on Sprinter.  Sunny with snow.  Making shoes tricky right now.  I'm leaning towards purchasing a pair of ankle highs.  Feet will stay dry and warm and my knee high boots can get a much needed break.  

1.  Vila Pink Vitoria Scarf 
2.  Gold Button Stripe Tee 
3.  Tortoiseshell Sunglasses 
4.  Kate Spade "Take the Plunge" Bangle
5.  Lodis Clutch
6.  Burberry Umbrella
7.  Vintage Boots 
8.  Skinny Jeans
9.  Rainy Day Jacket
until next time - ABCD


Amber@Nater Tot said...

Loving that scarf! Is the umbrella the expensive item? Darn Burberry :)

Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

Lovely outfit, has a lot of my favorite colors in there. Thanks so much for following my blog. I do like your blog and am now following too!

I read your about me section and love that you play the classical violin. I play classical piano, haven't studied it in school, but my grandma taught me. I'm also a decaf drinker :)

I look forward to reading your blog!

Mimi said...

Sprinter? Very cute. I guess we are done with that sonow anymore, and hardly any sun either:(
Couldnt guess. I thought maybe the jacket or the jeans were over 100....
Following back xo

Aesthetic Lounge

ash said...

i love the look you put together! the colors and printed scarf works very nicely!

Cindy Karmoko said...

nice post!!! i love the clutch!

The Suburb Experiment said...

When I clicked over to your profile page and saw "Cutting Edge" as your favorite movie, I giggled. Pretty awesome.

I don't do well at the transitional seasons. Especially the part about remembering a coat since it's warm(ish) when I go to work but will probably be in the 30's when I get off.

Ashley said...

This is my first time visiting! I love love love your header! So pretty!

The Little Hen House said...

I am so obsessed with that orange red color right now. It's on my toes, my pants, the new dress I just bought, my cardigan... I cannot get enough of it. Love this inspiration board! We would totally share a closet in heaven.

Amanda said...

i have sunglasses just like that but in black and i love them!

Circus Daily said...

Little Red Hen House...if only you lived closer we could totally swap clothes. Remember however that my inspiration outfits are just as much a dream as me winning the lotto. Maybe then I could actually purchase half of those items.

And yes it's the umbrella that breaks the bank.

Marthaamay O_o said...

I'm posting on this because this outfit is patriotic!
Copy and paste just incase you don't get the message at the end of my post too..

ooo Yes it feels like a people's wedding. I feel like the whole country is upbeat right now, possibly also due to the four day weekend, but either way there are smiles!

I know what you mean, blog know is also real know. You know!

The whole blog posting thing from my email is playing up but I hope I can post from my phone tomorrow, if not, I might do twitter updates.. (@maarfs) but I also might just enjoy the day.. not sure yet, I might even cry at the I do's.. Oh gosh, why?

Anyway, I'm of to bed, to rise nice and early! Speak soon ABCD's Enjoy your day too! :)

The Perfect Pear said...

thanks for such a sweet comment, and for following! :) very cute blog, love this post! i've been wanting some of those glasses for FOREVER! :)

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