Wednesday, March 2, 2011

100's the new reno

Our home.  She's a beauty at 100, and has seen more combinations of owners, renters, roommates, tenants, tenants with boyfriends, tenants with cousins, tenants with guests who promise to leave on Sunday, then an ever swinging thirty minute hotel lobby receptionist. For the past two years we've been busting at the seems in our character filled home.  With it's non insulated walls and a kitchen which makes Harry Potter's bedroom feel like trump tower, she has her faults.

But...she's our home.

And good to us she's been.  A home where our children were born.  A home full of memories.  A home with square footage amounts of emotional attachment unmeasurable.

Brian and I have been debating the "should we move" question now for some time.  We'd drive by for sale signs, park in front of the questionable home and ask ourselves if we could live here.  How's the neighbourhood?  Could we picture the boys running around this yard?  Could we live this far from downtown?  And when we'd spot a home of promise we'd often find ourselves disappointed upon entering.  Kitchens were too small, yards were nonexistent, not enough bedrooms, too many bedrooms.

And, after endless hours of house hunting, we realized that the home we were hunting for was ours.

This "ah ha" moment translated into meetings with these guys.  Meetings turned to ideas.  Ideas to blueprints.  Blueprints to dotted lines.  Dotted lines to holy hannah are we doing this?  Holy hannahs to "yup."  And here we are.  Still the proud owners of our beloved home with plans to give this 100 year old gal the makeover she deserves.

And one hell of a mortgage.

until next time - ABCD


Mrs. Biscuit said...

I love this! My mom's house is an old craftsman bungalo in California and oh boy did that house need a make-over! It's so nice to stay somewhere that makes your heart happy and to fix the things that need fixing, especially a kitchen! I can't wait to see more pictures of your adorable little red house!

Liz said...

What a beautiful old house! They don't make them like that anymore. So excited for you on the remodel. Sometimes what we want it what we already have and we never even realized it. Have fun with it!

Shelley said...

jealous ! i love it !!

Vic said...

i love the red but i love the fact that she's still yours! we sold our very first home and i regret it everyday! somethings in life you should just never regret but that is something i do! she's beautiful and i'm looking forward to seeing the makeover:)

Phillips Family said...

We want to sell too. We're working on finishing the kitchen renovation and then giving each room a facelift. Who knows how long it will take to sell... but I can't take drive any more! 25 minutes to drop the kids off in the western school district and then another 20 minutes or more across town to get to work. Do it again in the evening. Ugh.

Ashley, Brian and Drew said...

It's absolutely gorgeous. We used to live in an 80 year old house and I miss the charm. My husband however, does not miss doing all the maintenance. :-)

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