Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is this driver's seat heated?

We are back...back to routines, schedules, household normalcy....well as normal as it gets round here anyways.  The boys have returned to their cribs, Brian to work, and on this fifth day of 2011 I've returned to our blog.  Meanwhile, bags from our two week stay in Michigan after visiting my family, are quickly transforming into multiple loads of laundry only to be rivalled by the vast emptiness of our fridge.

We did however enjoy ourselves over these past few weeks.  Basking in glory of off-the-grid life.  Dragging throughout the house in pyjamas for days.  Eating whatever, whenever we got around to it.  Unemailed, uncellphoned...unplugged.  And although it felt carefree while it lasted, as we routine ourselves back to reality, it now feels a bit uneasy.

You should know I was "that girl" who felt anxiously ill if I missed more then two consecutive days of school and would beg my parents to pick up my homework.  The shame of falling behind incomprehensible.

Yes, I was am a dork.

I digress...each year I welcome the New Year with a laundry list of take-on-the-world to do's.  How to better myself, better our lives, better the world one volunteer project at a time.  For a few weeks this Go-Go-Alissa emerges...until I either exhaust myself or come to the conclusion that before I can "run the marathon" I first need to "make it to the gym".  That all said, it's a good time to do some soul searching and tackle whatever it is dangling just out of our reach.

So here we are.  Back in the driver's seat.  Back to work, back to life, back to multiple loads of laundry...cloth diapers and all.  Ready to take on 2011 with a refreshed on-your-mark zealousness for life.

How bout you?  Any goals this year?  Holidays treat you well?  Deciding to buy into the world of jeggings this 2011 once and for all?  Would love to hear from you.

Happy New Years from ours to yours - ABCD


Philippe said...

Happy New Years, ABCD! I hope Santa was generous to each of you, and I wish you good health and prosperity for 2011!

Cathy said...

I finally bought some jeggings but have yet to dare to wear them. Still going to the gym but just started to pair that up with a healthy diet about 6 weeks ago. Unfortunately I misread the directions on Muscle Milk and have been consuming double the serving size. LOL

Circus Daily said...

Happy New Year to you as well Philippe...let's get the fams together here soon. We have some long overdue catching up to do.

Circus Daily said...

Cathy welcome to jeggins...I for one fine them to be my go to when I'm not wearing, (yes it does happen), the stretchy yoga pants.

And muscle milk sounds just so many ways.

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