Friday, December 17, 2010

that you, santa claus?

I grew up believing.  I believed in the Easter bunny, tooth fairy, Irish leprechauns at the end of rainbows with pots of gold in tow...and of course Santa.

Until second grade when those who shouldn't be mentioned...big sister Cathy...informed me that my new ten speed bike did not make it's entrance into our living room via fireplace.

"You know Dad totally brought that bike in himself right?  And no...Lis...he doesn't work for Santa...he is Santa, duh."

"Right...I know that...everyone knows that, come on."

But, truth be told, I didn't know "that".  Maybe I suspected it a bit, but didn't want to admit my doubt.  I wasn't ready for the magic to end.  I wanted to believe forever.  That those sounds I swore I heard on the roof really were reindeer, and that Santa did indeed have an appetite for Grandma's sugar cookies.

Fast forward umpteen years.

The magic of Santa is back.  And i believe once again that this man in the red coat is real.  If not through my eyes, through my son's.  For he's as real as real can get to the boys...and what's more genuine then that?

even if he is a tad bit "scary" right now.

until next time - ABCD

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

living in a white christmas

I've always found myself enjoying the changing seasons and luckily have lived in only a handful of places with a common bond of somewhat predictable weather. 

Raised in Michigan you couldn't bank on snow over Christmas, but you could be certain it would be cold.  And that there'd be crinkly leaves on Thanksgiving, rain with green grass round springtime, and just enough holy-Hannah-it's-hot-today to justify pool filled backyards.  

For Midwest natives, our idea of "tis the season," is one with extra blankets in the closet, snowy lined boots by the door, and over sized mugs filled with hot chocolate. Nights warrant flannel sheets with fuzzy pyjamas.  While afternoons come equipped with wool scarves and mittens.  And even though most Midwesterners bitch and complain about the weather, there's a sparkle in our eyes, as if we were all still 5, which glimmers on that first snow fall of every year.  

When I moved to Calgary, none of this changed.  And in a way, it felt like my home away from home.  One that somehow managed to collect more snow and dip even cooler.   

The romantic in me loves the fact that we live in this winter wonderland.  There's something very comforting knowing that our home keeps our family warm, which is why I'm inside with a blanket over my feet, Dashen on my lap, while I write this.  It's hovering around freezing outside today...cold enough to keep the snow on the ground.    

We just returned from Lake Louise, Canada...after Brian surprised us all with a much needed family get away.  And, if there's such a place as the North Pole, it might as well be here.   

With round the clock horse drawn sleigh rides...

and miracles making snow angles.  We found ourselves enjoying everything there is to love about winter and Christmas.  For really "tis the season," 

And it's a magical one at that.

I'm sure come March we'll tell ourselves, just like we did last year and the years before, that enough is enough.  That we are going to move.  Somewhere...anywhere.  To a place where the yearly low never dips under 60, and a chilly night requires turning off the air conditioner.  But truth be told, it's all just hot air.  For we know no different.  And, just as the sky is blue, our world has four distinct seasons...and we love each and everyone of them.

until next time - ABCD

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday 1:15PM

Paige...who's blog by the way is a daily inspiration of pretty...has to be one of the most creative people I know.  She's an artist with her own unique style, finding beauty in yesterday's forgotten treasures.  Transforming antique saucers into the most delicate ring holders.  She's also a great friend.  

And a giving one at that.  One who invites her November birthday girls Sylvie and me, (lucky for us), over for a high tea straight out of the folds of Martha Stewart Living.  

I mean come amazing is this?

Did I forget to mention that we dressed up?  Reliving tea parties from our childhood, swapping teddy bears for girlfriends, and plastic tiaras with vintage hats.   

Thanks Paige for such a beautiful afternoon.  Everything tastes better when served on fine china.   

until next time - ABCD

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What sort of cat wears a hat?

An awesome one!  And just as awesome...ATP's holiday season feature, Seussical the Musical.

photo by trudie lee photography image via visit calgary

Sure...I'm a tad bias, but I wouldn't have to be to tell you just how much fun this show is. We went on opening night.  Brian kept me completely in the dark, ignoring my "how's the show coming along" third degrees and constant pleas for details.  I didn't know what to expect.  Would it be geared towards kiddies?  Would there be fake snow, perhaps a surprise visit from Santa?  After all it's Dr. Seuss, who knows what you'll find...(which by the way to clear the record, this is probably one of the only shows you'll see this holiday season without the Claus)

But, like most things successful in the children's department, wether be movies, books, or theatre...there is something in this for everyone with just enough improve to keep things relevant and unpredictable.  The cast was perfect.  Dave Kelly, nailed the cat.  He couldn't have come up with a better performance if he had tried.

photo by trudie lee photograph image via visit calgary
The show, a magical journey with treasured Seuss characters, highlights the famous tale of Horton the Elephant.  Recommended age is six and up, but there's also plenty of "adult" content to keep all entertained.  Throughout the show you'll find, plastically "enhanced" birds, a dig on Joan Rivers, a promiscuous mom who abandons her egg, an auction, a trial, dreamlike sets, magical costumes, and let's not forget about that fantastic choreography, (ok, slightly bias here.)  I promise you'll be swept away with this ageless story.

Calgary peeps...go to the show.  My jaw literally hurt at intermission from sitting there wide eyed with a grin from ear to ear.  I promise you'll enjoy.      

until next time - ABCD
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