Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ad Space 02 - Tide Tanks

The only thing worse then bad daytime TV is bad daytime TV commercials.  Here's one for Acti-Lift Tide commercial using lying, to your children non the less, as the main sales tactic.  

I know I walk a fine line dogging this being that, when not on maternity leave, the account I work for happens to be one of a major competitor.  But career aside, it's the mom in me that watches this and as my 16 month old would say with his very limited lingo... "yuck".

We open with teenage daughter asking her mother if she borrowed her favorite green shirt.  We see a series of flashbacks with Mom out partying it up sporting the item in question, and then looking right at her daughter, answers "isn't my style".

Faced with getting caught, sneaky Mom rushes to retrieve the shirt, now stained from her night out cougaring, and using new (drumroll please here comes the product placement) Tide Acti-Lift...removes the evidence like nothing happened.  When daughter reenters the scene wearing the now cleaned shirt, Mom as if she's innocent asks where she found it.

So let's recap:

- Mom steals
- Mom lies
- Mom covers it up
- Mom lies again

Proctor and Gamble need to revisit who they are targeting.  Commercials like this, typically aired between bad soap operas and hormonal talk shows, generally portray wholesome everyday families keeping their home and family clean. The only thing clean about this one is a lying smirk on Mom's face.  Not good Tide, not good.

Until Next Time - ABCD  

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

major boy crush

Gone are the days of storing cherished photos inside your wallet.  Unlike today, thanks to an advent of handheld devices capable of holding a bagillion images, you had to be selective.  Only a few well loved favorites would make it to the clear protective sleeves tucked ever so neatly behind the coin purse. 

This picture of Dashen and Dad would have found it's way to my wallet, 

along with this one...

and most certainly, without a doubt, this one.
Until Next Time - ABCD

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

lock down

Everyday Costello attempts to open the kitchen cupboards.   

  The baby lock prevents his lil hands from grasping the oh-so-close hidden gems...   

 but it doesn't prevent him from trying.

Until Next Time - ABCD

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

bros of a feather grow together

Dashen has outgrown his first onesie.  He has also graduated from his newborn, (NB), diapers.  And I'm asking myself, wait how did this happen?  We just left the hospital. When was that...oh right six weeks ago.  Then I look at Costello and think, WAIT, when did that happen?  He's so big.  Two years and two boys...who would have thought, we now have a pair of Hansen brothers.

Yes they grow fast.

Undeniably too fast.

With Dashen now unable to comfortably fit his lil' bum into the smallest-of-small dipes I want to place our world on hold.  Linger a bit longer in the days of baby lotion on newborn skin.  Bask in the joy of comforting a newborn cry.  I want to hold onto the baby days. The cuddling, cooing, falling-asleep-on-you-chest, baby days.

Now don't get me wrong.  Every age is a blessing and there is no greater joy then watching them grow up before your eyes.  But it is bittersweet knowing they can not stay young forever.  Dashen with his ten little fingers and ten little toes and unsteady head will one day be like his brother, a walking toddler with his head held high running from swing to slide.

I actually can't remember the day Costello outgrew his first outfits.  His outgrown and outloved clothes somehow made their way from the shelf to storage.  When I now look at Costello, I do not see his infant past, but the daredevil bright-eyed "big baby" that he is today peering at me over the bridge in our neighborhood park.

My dad once told me, "you will end up knowing your kids much longer as adults as you will as children."  I can't imagine Costello and Dashen as anything but my beautiful babes.  But one day, milestones achieved, they will be all grown up.

Until then one step at a time...goodbye size NB... goodbye

Until next time - ABCD
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