Thursday, November 4, 2010

Is Zamboni capitalized?

"COME on...offside much?"  "Get your head out of your ass you moron."

Ladylike?  No.  But true.  These were the words muttered screamed out of my mouth last night during the Flames 2-1 loss to Detroit.  Our third in a row.  But, before I continue let me point out a few things...

1.  That I know when a play is considered offside.
2.  That I care.

Funny thing is, being from Michigan and not to far from Detroit you may have pegged me for a hockey fan.  But, truth be told, I wasn't converted until I moved to Canada.  Had you asked me a few years back what it meant to sneak one through the 5-hole, I likely would have taken you for a freaky pervert and nervously walked away.

But, when in what the Canadians do.  And, you just can't avoid hockey round here.  Sure, not all of us our fans, but most are.  Cheering for our teams like they hold the key to everything good in our lives.  When our Flames are smouldering, we Calgarians carry a weight on our shoulders.  We are grumpy.  We are irritated.  Last year, when the Flames failed to make it to the playoffs, this city wasn't just upset, no, we were someone-responsible-must-be-stoned-in-town-hall pissed.

Only hockey can ignite such passion.  After all it is our, (which tangent...I still have a hard time with saying "our..".since I'm a red-white-blue-born gal, but it's easier to just say "our" then, "my husband's country" blah blah), national winter year round sport.  Maybe comparable to college football, but with more camaradery and less teams.  Here not just the boys, but all kids, practically learn to skate before walking and jerseys size INF are given in place of onesies.

Already a die hard.

So as a self-proclaimed fan who can name our backup goalie, and sit at the table with the boys him-hawing over injury lists and over compensated players with little to show,  I say, "bring it" (along with the wings and gluten-free beer please)'s hockey season.  Now, if only I Zamboni  capitalized...and if so why?  Google away my away.  

until next time - ABCD


Kimberly said...

Ummm I love you and the fact that you're from Michigan but loathe the dead wings. I was born and raises a Leafs fan and even though the haven't been good for a while I still love em!
Glad that we Canadians converted you ;)

Amber@Nater Tot said...

I don't think I would have been able to relate much to this post if it were not for a brief relationship in college with a Canadian hockey player (wait, is that redundant?). One of our few dates took place at a hockey game. I don't think one could marry a Canadian and live in Canada without the conversion occuring. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED :)

Spack's Scramble said...

Love that you are raising the boys to be Flames fans (and that you have been converted)!! Go Flames go!!

Vic said...

what a cutie.....we had a bar called Zamboni's back in NY. haha ur too funny! love ya

Anonymous said...

Zamboni was the name of the guy that invented the machine, hence capitalization would be correct. :)

Circus Daily said...

Thank you Anonymous...I can now sleep a bit better.


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