Sunday, October 31, 2010

10/31/2010- Evening

We practiced, and practiced, and practiced...  
"Costello honey, what sound does a lion make?"


"Right, honey...but what sound does a lion make?"


"Yes, that's a truck...but what sound does a Lion make?"


"Honey, can you tell me what sound a lion makes?"


"great, so pumpkin...what sound does he make?"


Happy Halloween from one roaring-less lion.  

until next time - ABCD
(D by the way stayed in...has a bit of a cold...he'll do it right next year)


Spack's Scramble said...

Awwww so cute!!

Amber@Nater Tot said...

He may not have a roar, but he sure is adorable! This reminds me of my friend whose five year old was a ring bearer. It took them awhile to figure out why he was growling in his tux.

christine said...

at least he wore the costume- i remember Jacob at that age who went out to trick or treat dressed as himself... Andre said jade refused to wear her costume yesterday ..

must be in the Blanchette Genes.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Love THIS! haha Just found your blog &I love it! I was born in Alberta :) My maiden name is Leavitt!

Cathy said...

Very cute! If I would've known you were doing a lion... I would have sent you ours from last year. Madalyn wore one sz 18-24 mos. Did Dashen sport any festive garments (a pumpkin sleeper or something)? I enjoy the pics :)

Kelley said...

Cute!! He sounds just like my son. We practiced too but all he could get out was something that sounded like "your feet" And he would go up to people and say "knock knock" even if the door was already open. Haha. Cute blog! If you get a chance check ours out!

Vic said...

ahhhhhh....what a cutie!!!! haha....the pics def. made me giggle! thanks said...

So darling! Emma's first animal noise was a lion. It was so cute.

I love the pics and the pumpkin is amazing!

Looks like you guys had a great time.

Liz said...

So cute! And he is one adorable lion! Cool pumpkin too!

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