Wednesday, July 14, 2010

two weeks of sleepless baby love

They are down.

Two babies both asleep.

A rare event in our household.  I suppose this is my short window to nap and attempt to offset my extreme fatigue.  Or I could use this time to straighten up the house, make the bed, toss some clothes in the laundry, clean up Costello's morning mess.  There's a million things I could and should be doing, but I've decided instead to eat a hearty filled breakfast of chocolate chip cookies and blog.  Yes in that order, these are my morning priorities.  Oh, it's past  noon...correction these are my afternoon priorities.

There's been a few times during the past two weeks aftermath of brining home a newborn where I've felt things have come together relatively well. There's even been outings.  It's Stampede time here in Calgary.  Last week I managed to recall Sunday was Family Day, free admission to the Stampede grounds for all those who arrive before 9:00am, and successfully with the help of Brian and my parents we got the boys there in time.

I'm ready for the Stampede Mum...


1.  We entered around 8:58, failed to make the line for the free breakfast, and I had packed no food.

2.  Shortly after arriving, my right boob exploded with breast milk visible to all on my shirt.

However we were there and breast milk shirt and all I felt empowered.  Empowered as a new mom out of the house  with  her "boys".  People kept coming up to us and saying things like "I can't believe you made it here" and how "brave" we were...blah blah.  Really? Really???  I mean, It's not like this act of going out with a new baby is worthy of a purple heart people.  Four adults, who successfully packed two babies into a car to drive less then 4 miles down the street with 5 hours of prep time does not really qualify as brave to me.

yes, there's baby in there

However in their defense...something is shocking about a 10 day old baby.  You so quickly forget how small they are.  All wrinkled skin, floppy, and fragile.  It does seem like we should place our newborns in a protective glass bubble until they are at least holding their lil' heads with chubby cheeks up high.

hey...who you callin' fragile?

Speaking of chubby I need to grab a few more chocolate chip cookies, and Costello is now stirring in his crib.  Looks like my blogging window is now closing.

Until next time - ABCD    


Erika said...

That's hilarious! I'm glad I found your blog too and I can watch your little monkeys grow! I love his hat! And little man's cheeks are adorable!
...and chocolate chip cookies are the best for breakfast!

christiaan said...

I just laughed so hard at your "2nd point", I almost sprayed coffee out of my nose on Jared.

Circus Daily said...

Ah see we are both out of your somewhere else. Good times

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