Monday, May 9, 2011

Without these two...

Without these two...

I wouldn't be a mother.  And, I wouldn't have snacks in my pockets, bandaids in my purse, diapers in my glove compartment, half-filled sippy cups always in tote, Dashen's soother clipped to my jacket, Costello's blankie never far from reach, unlimited kisses ready to give, and two wonderful boys to call our own.

To all those who hold the loving title of "mom"in their resume of life....

Happy Mother's Day!

until next time - ABCD

Thursday, April 28, 2011

For "mom & dads" listening enjoyment: Francis England

It's not often I find myself continuing to listen to my kid's music without the kids. Usually, if they've lost interest, my interest is soooooo out the door that I'm go-go-gadget arm to turn the damn thing off.  But, Francis England's, creative approach to "family" music is about-time refreshing.  

Costello and Dashen can't get enough of Tricycle, and maybe I still have a few post pregmones floating around because You & Me makes me cry every time.  Check out an album, your kids will love it and there's a pretty good chance you will too.      

until next time - ABCD

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

down in size up with cool

Have you had a chance to vote for Apartment Therapy's Small/Cool 2011, the 7th annual smallest coolest home contest?  If not, it's worth a visit.  I'm liking this one.  Or how about this home sweet home all within 78 square feet of house.

until next time - ABCD

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

dressed for april - SPRINGTER

Everything here is under $100 except for one item.  Any guesses?

I always find the transitional seasons both the most exciting and challenging to dress for.  There's usually a handful of elements which make these outfits tricky.  The biggie being weather, which typically is as unpredictable as your daily chosen image.  But, when done right, seasonally-confused outfits are fun to wear, full of layers and cleaver ways of mixing coming trends with past season's tried and true.

In Calgary, it's full on Sprinter.  Sunny with snow.  Making shoes tricky right now.  I'm leaning towards purchasing a pair of ankle highs.  Feet will stay dry and warm and my knee high boots can get a much needed break.  

1.  Vila Pink Vitoria Scarf 
2.  Gold Button Stripe Tee 
3.  Tortoiseshell Sunglasses 
4.  Kate Spade "Take the Plunge" Bangle
5.  Lodis Clutch
6.  Burberry Umbrella
7.  Vintage Boots 
8.  Skinny Jeans
9.  Rainy Day Jacket
until next time - ABCD

Monday, April 18, 2011

and this goes out to the one we love

Happy Birthday Daddy...we love you!

on a sidenote...I don't know why the audio is off, it's my first "vlog"  

0n a sidesidenote...I'm not sure why I sound like I just stepped off a Netherland's boat.  

on a sidesidesidenote...Dashen is wearing a special helmet to help shape his head...I'll post about this later.  

on a sidesidesideside note...I just realized that had I stepped off a Netherland's boat I'd likely be speaking Dutch, and since I'm not...I guess I just stepped off the dork boat.   

until next time - ABCD
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